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TitanUS Workstations Computers are manufactured using the most advanced technology to meet the requirements of today's most demanding industrial applications like 3D design, video encoding, content creation, scientific & visual simulation, math intensive engineering, stunning architectural renderings and real-time computer animation in minimum possible time. Our HPC Workstations are designed for enthusiastic graphic professionals, engineers and scientists who need unlimited graphics and computational processing power.
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Warranty and Customer Support!

We take pride in our exceptional Customer Service experience. We use a very personalized and "human" approach to serve our customers. With designated customer service representatives you will always be in contact with the same person who is knowledgeable of your computing needs and products already owned. We have direct phone lines and respond to our emails shortly. All warranty issues have a 1 to 2 day turn around time, with delivery of replacement parts as soon as the next day.

Customization for all needs!

TitanUS Computers Workstations can be configured and customized down to the last detail to meet even the most demanding requirements. Whether is a silent, portable, size or task specific workstation, our experience and extensive knowledge of products and components will help you determine the best and most cost effective configuration for your needs. We have carefully selected the components in our online configurator and if you do not see what you are looking for simply contact us and we will assist you.